Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon (left) with wife, Helen and brother

Former Control Engineer helping others enjoy the privilege of a University education

Richard Gordon, a retired Chartered Instrument and Control Engineer from Falkirk has been a faithful and consistent donor of his alma mater for the last 22 years.

“Heriot-Watt gave me the opportunity to study as a mature student and obtain a degree and it is good to be able to give something back,” he says. 

“Studying at University is a real privilege because there are many who would like to have the opportunity but for a variety of reasons cannot.”

Richard’s generosity to the University’s Annual Fund has a multitude of benefits for contemporary and future students including financial support via bursaries for those who need it most.

A Heriot-Watt degree can be life-changing, as Richard appreciates: “After graduating with a BSc in Physics in 1970, I was able to have a good career with two of Britain's biggest companies, Imperial Chemical Industries and British Petroleum, initially as a Physicist and then as a Chartered Instrument and Control Engineer. Consequently I have had a continuing association with the Institute of Measurement & Control, being on the Local Section committee for a number of years and on the National Council for 8 years. I have been a Fellow of the Institute since the early 1990s.”

Richard enhanced his extracurricular University experience by joining the Heriot-Watt Christian Union and serving as the chairman for 3 out of his 4 undergraduate years.

Science runs in the family: “I married soon after graduating and my wife Helen and I have three daughters who also went into the Sciences: PhD Chemistry; MSc Information Technology; and PhD Medical Biochemistry.”

Heriot-Watt’s Annual Fund enables the University to respond to the most urgent needs of students covering three main areas: Access Bursaries for students from challenging backgrounds; Music and Sports Scholarships to encourage talent; and Project Grants to make innovative ideas a reality.

31 May 2016