Yasin Hajizadeh

Donor Yasin Hajizadeh encourages students to aim higher with support for his alma mater

Yasin Hajizadeh, a Senior Data Scientist with Schlumberger graduated with a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt in 2011. He has been an enthusiastic donor to the University ever since.

“Heriot-Watt is one of the finest academic institutions in the world and that was why I applied to its PhD programme. I vividly remember the excitement I felt when I first met my advisor and was given a golden opportunity to work in a top-notch multi-disciplinary group. I learnt something new every day for the next three years and enjoyed all of the things Edinburgh had to offer, even haggis! I built a ton of amazing and long-lasting friendships. Six years later, I miss everything about Heriot Watt and Edinburgh – with the exception of rain!

“I currently work for the world’s largest oil service company, Schlumberger, as a senior data scientist. In this role, I look at how machine learning and advanced analytics can help our customers make better decisions faster in their exploration and production activities. I sincerely believe that without the funded education I received at Heriot Watt, I wouldn’t have been able to be here in my professional and personal life. Donating to the University is just a way to say thank you to my alma mater. I take inspiration from those people before me and hope that my donations will be a small help towards encouraging students to achieve higher targets.”

 Outside of work, Yasin - who is originally from Iran but now lives and works in Houston, Texas – has a passion for travelling and food: “A personal objective is to see all of the countries before I become too old. And on these trips, I love to try different restaurants and vendors, both fine dining and hole in the wall types.”

Yasin has advice for students following his footsteps and studying at Heriot-Watt: “Always stand for what you believe and have passion, honesty and integrity in all of the things you do. You will encounter a lot of barriers during your time at university and might fail at some tasks. You have to accept this. However, don’t live your student life cautiously and be assured that you will emerge from this with success and a smile when you look back.”

14 June 2017